Thrive Collective...

Set your boundaries.

Know your worth.

Get what you want.

Let's go further, faster, together.

When we set boundaries and know our worth, we can stop settling for what we don't want and get more of what we do want.


Thrive Collective is a 3-month group program for womxn who are committed to going further, faster, together in their journey of creating a life that feels great. We meet weekly on Zoom to encourage each other, push each other, and inspire each other. And we have a Facebook community where you can connect with me and other members of the group for support in between our sessions.


This program is about intentionally saying Yes to whatever makes you feel fulfilled, well, and whole. It's about your needs and desires being pulled front-and-center as the recipe to you having a life that lights you up. 


This program is for you if you want to:

  1. confidently establish your boundaries...and stand by them

  2. unapologetically prioritize fulfilling your needs and desires

  3. release what wastes your time, drains your energy, and denies your self-worth

  4. feel empowered freedom to say No in a way that supports healthy relationship

  5. be inspired and supported by a group of amazing women who are stepping into their power together!

Program starts April 6, 2021. Connect with me so we can talk more about your goals and see if this program is right for you!