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90-Day Live Well Intensive

​This 1-on-1 coaching program is for the individual who wants highly individualized support and accountability to create a significant and sustained change in their wellbeing.

My signature program, consisting of weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, is designed to help you:​

  • Uncover your healthiest mind, body, and spirit within.

  • Have abundant energy to do more, better.

  • Know intuitively what you need to feel your best and perform at a high level.

  • Feel empowered to mitigate stress and reclaim peace of mind.


My practical approach will help you form new habits that are realistic for your lifestyle and that achieve actual results.​

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The Daily Dose - COMING SOON!

Digital Program

This 21-day program is the catalyst to bring your health and wellbeing back into focus. 


Sometimes life throws us off balance and our new normal becomes unhealthy habits that prevent us from living and operating at our full potential.


This program is designed to get you back on track through daily recorded coaching lessons, action items and journal prompts to shift your mindset and body into new behaviors that are aligned with the wellbeing you were meant to have.

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Wellness Strategy Session

(offered 1-on-1 or in groups)

This two-hour session starts with an assessment of the current state of your wellbeing. After reviewing your assessment, we will work together to:​

  • Clarify your vision for holistic wellness.

  • Identify the most important gaps in your wellbeing to address right away.

  • Create an action plan to progress in those priority areas.

  • Create mechanisms to remove barriers that may stand in your way of success. 

This is a great session for anyone who feels stuck, or feels something is missing, but doesn't know where to start in order to feel healthy and invigorated on a regular basis.

Visit my Contact page to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult to explore if this session is right for you.

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Group Workshops

A group wellness workshop is a great way to enrich the programming at your conference or retreat. In a safe space your guests will engage in reflection and interactive exercises that create breakthroughs for themselves, with the added benefits of learning from the breakthroughs of others and building strong connections. I work with corporate professionals, community associations, and independent organizers of life enrichment retreats. I customize group experiences to fit the theme of the event and needs of your audience, and leave guests with powerful takeaways to put int action. 

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