Year-end reflections: Who did you become this year?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Who is feeling extra grateful for making it through the year of all years??

At the end of any year, I like to take time out to reflect on the highlights of how far I've come, how much I've grown, and what I've achieved. I love this written form of a highlight reel of my year. Some years' highlights have been less awesome than others, but I enjoy the self-appreciation I feel from this exercise just the same. It grounds me in who I've become and the foundation I'm standing on to further blossom in the new year.

My 2020 highlights were actually more than I could have hoped for, and I'd like to share one of my them. One of my highlights was learning to invite in the spectrum of my emotions with loving-kindness, these emotions that are an expression of my humanity.

I learned that I have the strength to hold a range of emotions at once, that I have capacity for joy and pleasure even while feeling anger and sadness, that I can find moments of equanimity while moving through uncertainty and grief.

My emotional needs are to be honored with curiosity and grace in order to run their course, not forced to get to ‘good vibes only’ as quickly as possible.

I can be with my emotions rather than fear being overpowered by them. I also embraced my entitlement to rest as essential to processing my emotions, and I’m not turning my back on that lesson!

I feel more freedom and safety in my vulnerability, which also makes me feel super strong and resilient.

It’s important to acknowledge our growth and accomplishments, as they remind us that we are capable, that we have the power to manifest what we desire, which is motivational for us to keep going. Talk about being inspired by yourself!

Do you reflect on the highlights of your journey over the past year? Consider what you can now attribute to yourself that you couldn’t a year ago, what you brought into reality that didn’t exist a year ago.

What would be on your highlight reel of personal growth and accomplishments for 2020? Drop a highlight in the comments that we can celebrate!

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