Well-being in the Season of Harvest

Autumn is my favorite season. Besides my love of boots, cozy sweaters and pumpkin-spice everything, I always sense a magic in the air that makes me feel excited for change, eager to slow down from the summer, and re-energized to focus on my goals.

I begin following the cues of the season, from what I eat to how I spend my time, which allows me to adjust to the change of season with ease. I treat my wellness rituals similarly.

Here are shifts I'm making in my wellness routine this season to feel balanced and move in a state of flow.

Embrace the meaning of harvest

This is a season when we are gathering the fruits of our labor while also slowing down and focusing our energy. At this point in the year we have gained over nine additional months of life experience and wisdom. I like to start by gathering up all this experience and reflect on that by answering these questions for myself:

  • How have I been blessed this year?

  • What were the hard lessons I had to learn? How am I wiser as a result?

  • What progress have I made (in any area of my life) this year so far? Why does this make me proud?

Just answering these questions makes me feel more abundant in all the good (even the good that came out of pain) in my life.

Now with all of this reflection, I ask myself "What's next?" Where do I want to focus my time and energy to create more of what I want in my life in the remaining months of the year? Now I like to get clear on what I should be spending my time on to create more shifts in my life without doing the absolute most (and burning out).

Shift from highly active to more relaxed With the sun rising later and setting earlier, it's natural for our bodies to want more rest. It can be tough in our society to slow down in the Fall, especially for those who are starting school or picking up busier schedules at work. But I've gotten to a point where I begin to shift myself to more rest and slower movement in my days.

For me, this means taking naps on weekends, going to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual, and a slower relaxed wake-up routine. While I love high intensity workouts almost daily in the summer, I start to add in a couple days of less intense forms of movement. My leisure activities are more restful than active. I am more mindful of taking breaks in my busy work day to relax my mind and recharge.

I definitely lean much more into a slower pace during winter (which I'll probably write about when that season rolls around), but at this time I'm tipping the balance at bit from physical activity toward slower movement, productivity toward rest.

Deepen the mind-body-spirit connection Autumn is all about balance, a time when there are equal parts light and dark in a day. This is a powerful time to create alignment between our mind, body, and spirit.

I create this balance by spending time outdoors and connecting with nature as much as possible during daylight hours. Being out in nature to witness the seasonal changes and walk about in the quiet coolness allows me to be more present to changes happening within me. It's active and meditative all at the same time.

I like to take advantage of more darkness in the morning and earlier at night to meditate deeply twice a day, for longer periods than usual, and enjoy more quiet reflective time before and after my work day. This helps me feel grounded and centered, while aligned to take actions for my highest good during my busy days.

I focus on who I am being as much as what I am doing. As a highly productive person, I recognize that I get further faster with a mindset that allows me to attract the outcomes, creative ideas, and synchronicities that make goal achievement much simpler. Connecting with a powerful affirmation through 20 minutes of visualization allows me to connect more deeply with the woman inside of me who achieves her dreams, adds the most value with least effort, and gives me space to step back and receive more.

Your habits don't have to look like mine, but I invite you to lean into the change of season and consider how shifting your habits can support you even further, so you can achieve more balance and flow this season.

Already have routines you love to bring in for Autumn? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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