Shifting toward well-being

Let’s talk about personal shifts for a minute… When I was creating the Live Well By Design premium coaching program I had a block around the concept of referring to myself as a “wellness coach”, because I felt called to describe myself as a “well-being coach”. They both resonate with me deeply.

On the surface they seem to be pretty much the same with no real defining difference. But as of late, "wellness" as a term feels too broad, overused and inaccessible. During a pandemic that has highlighted social inequality and a time in which we have all witnessed flagrant social injustice, "wellness" seemed an insufficient term to describe the lessons I want to convey in my coaching work, my writing, workshops and interviews. The lesson that we all are worthy of experiencing physical, mental, and emotional well-being; and there are many paths to achieve that. That path is uniquely defined by each and every one of us. I want to guide womxn to find their own path.   "Wellness coach" is trendy and buzzy and may make it easier for others to label me, similar to the term "life coach". But I've worked diligently to cultivate balance and fulfillment in my life, and when reflecting on that, I found the idea of “well-being” continue to come up for me while creating my new program.

It feels right at the gut level, although I thought, “who is going to be looking for a 'well-being' coach?” But, I had to release that limiting mindset and stand by what my intuition is telling me in that WELL-BEING is absolutely PERFECT for my business as a coach who leads womxn towards abundant well-being. I'm not giving up the word "wellness" for life, but rather identifying my work in a different way because I'm nit-picky about my words.

Your well-being puts the focus on who you are: mind, body, and soul while also tying together how you define success and fulfillment on your own terms and manifest a beautiful life you love. Well-being is the TOTAL PACKAGE of YOU!

So, I stayed in my flow and honored my soul and owned my identity as a well-being coach. I am sharing this to let you know that we all experience shifts that make us question ourselves, redefine who we want to be in the world, and that stir emotions within us that we struggle to work through. As a Well-Being Coach, I am here to guide you through the rough waters of being off your authentic path.

The Live Well By Design experience is waiting for you to tap in and have soulful breakthroughs. Send me a message to see if this program might be right for you.

I cannot wait to connect with you!


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