Is your busyness actually avoidance?

I created Live Well By Design for the woman I used to be. I remember a time when I took so much pride in being busy, that I never had a chance to cultivate a close intimate relationship with myself. I worked extra hard to achieve in jobs I kinda hated, committed to extracurricular activities for brand building rather than authentic interest, and kept my social calendar full because I had a fear of missing out. And when I did have some time to myself, I threw my attention to Netflix or whatever else was on TV.

When someone would ask me what my hobbies were or what I did for fun, I often felt like a deer in headlights and would try to come up with something half-true. Truth is, I didn't have hobbies or develop genuine interests because I never spent enough time alone with myself to learn what those might be.

One day I realized that I was terrified to just sit still and be in my own company. Scared that I would have to deal with the pain of my unhappiness with my seemingly awesome life, scared that I would have to take full responsibility of what was not working in my life, scared that I had done all the "right" things and checked the right boxes and yet still didn't love my life and had no answers for what to do about it. And underneath it all, scared to face the shame that I was to blame for all of it.

This is how my journey started. At the time, the bravest thing I could do was spend time in silent solitude, with no distractions, to just think about myself, reflect on what got me here and slowly begin to tackle where I was blocked. I knew I had to stop avoiding the little voice inside me that was trying to get me to hear it's truth. I really needed a coach back then to help me wade through my lack of clarity, lack of confidence, and disconnection from myself.

Honestly I didn't know what a wellness or life coach really did back in those days. But as I poured more time into healing, self-knowledge and growth, I recognized that so many women were yearning for the same feeling of being in love with their lives. And that so many avoided facing this because it can be easier to double-down on looking great to the world rather than exploring the unknown of their true desires.

I began coaching because I want all of us to be brave and confront ourselves, listen to the little voice within calling us to something scary but beautiful, and step into the authentic life we were meant to live.

Are you ready to listen to that voice and live a more authentic fulfilling life? Now is the time. Connect with me to make sure Live Well By Design is right for you.

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