I'm a bit of a podcast junkie and truly love all the opportunities I've had to connect with people doing great things in the world about all things wellness and well-being.

Click the links below to check out a podcast I host and podcasts I've been featured on with some pretty cool people. 



Hooky Wellness

A mental wellness podcast sharing the Cliff-notes to beating Burnout.
Wellness isn’t one-dimensional and that’s why we are taking it on from multiple angles. Join our hosts, Hooky founder, Erayna Sargent (@Burnout_whisperer) and wellness coach, Erinne Brown (@livewellwithErinne), as they talk to the experts in an effort to find wellness that works.


Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Tackling Mental Clutter : Three Steps to Tidying Up Internally

impossible things.jpg

Bestie Bestie

Bom Bom

Episode 15: Showing up for yourself as a Latina + BIPOC


Incense and Whiskey

Episode 20 - BOUNDARIES. What are they good for? Absolutely EVERYTHING.


Live Better Podcast

Finding Your Joy, Preventing Burnout, and Gaining Clarity

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Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Spiritual Shedding & Emotional Wellbeing in view of Racial Injustice

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