I'm a bit of a podcast junkie and truly love all the opportunities I've had to connect with people doing great things in the world about all things wellness and well-being.

Click the links below to check out a podcast I host and podcasts I've been featured on with some pretty cool people. 



Content Club

Wellness isn’t one-dimensional and that’s why we are taking it on from multiple angles. Join our host, Erinne Brown, as she connects with advocates and experts about ‘All the things’ and taboo topics to do with mental wellness. This millennial spin on Book Club grounds each episode in our favorite pieces of content, ranging from TV shows, TedTalks, articles...and yes, sometimes even Books.

Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Spiritual Shedding & Emotional Wellbeing in view of Racial Injustice

Bestie Bestie Bom Bom

Episode 15: Showing up for yourself as a Latina + BIPOC

Live Better Podcast

Finding Your Joy, Preventing Burnout, and Gaining Clarity