Hello Beautiful!

I'm Erinne,

Certified Health and Life Coach

Where you are right now is exactly where I was just a few short years ago... 


After completing my MBA and diving into the world of management consulting I hit a wall. My stress levels were unprecedented, my battle with fatigue was relentless, and my physical health took a nosedive. Quite simply, I was facing burnout. I was beyond frustrated and to be honest, deeply concerned about my well-being. I felt overwhelmed by having to piece so many answers together in order to restore my health: mind, body, and soul. But I drew on the inner self-determination that I’ve always had since I was a  little girl growing up in Maryland. 


The overachiever in me decided to channel that energy into nourishing myself unconditionally. I became committed to healing my mindset around thinking that “I can’t have it all” to creating a life that feels beautiful in all of the ways that I’ve always longed for. 

My journey was not easy, linear, or overnight. There were many Dark Night of the Soul moments. Questions around my self-worth, boundaries, and authentic self-expression kept resurfacing. I had to sit with the difficult choices I had made in the past and was presently making in order to create a new blissful normal. I rolled up my sleeves and continued to do the deep inner work. 

As a result of my wellness journey...

I returned back to my authentic self and awakened a few core parts of my soul that I didn’t know existed. 

  • My boundaries grew firm with friends, family, and colleagues. 

  • I’ve manifested career opportunities that are in complete alignment with my professional goals. 

  • I devote time without question to my health and wellness practices. 

  • My productivity has skyrocketed. 

  • I honor my intuition in ways that consistently serve my highest good. 

I also became a certified coach through the Health Coach Institute, an International Coaching Federation-accredited program.

Is my life perfect? No. But my combined intentional efforts and healing have led me to create a beautiful lifestyle that is full of well-being on a daily basis. 


I want to be a part of your journey to a life of much deserved well-being. 


I work with women just like you who are seeking inner and outer alignment through an approach that is part lifestyle design, part holistic wellness coaching. Women who are ready to see themselves fully, become empowered, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and create a life that lights them up. 


I can’t wait to meet you and discover the dynamic powerful woman that is inside of you. 



Erinne Brown