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I know why you're here. 


You are here because you’re living a life that lacks fulfillment, balance, and radianceAnd that’s keeping you from higher self-worth, unconditional self-care, and a well designed life. One that is full of intention, joy, and holistic wellness

I also know that you’re tired

Ready to say good-bye to burn-out, pushing harder than needed, and feeling disconnected from your inner personal power?

You were born to have well-being, fulfillment, a life where every corner of your existence is in alignment and overflowing with beauty.  The beauty of creating your experience of life based on your authentic desires. 

Together, we’re going to take you from the frustrated high achiever who has let her well-being, dreams and desires slip away to an empowered woman who keeps the promises she’s made to herself and that thrives in the beautiful life she has always envisioned for herself. 


Even if you’ve never been a woman that has been a green smoothie devotee or had a membership to a yoga studio or made meditation a part of your daily self-care. 


Or if you’ve been the woman that has just been on the go for years fast-tracking your career or being in service of others as a wife, mom, or all of the above. 

Your history doesn’t matter.  What matters is right now.  The decision you are ready to make to say YES to you.  


This is your opportunity to Live Well By Design.

Why Coaching?

Healthy Living

I share holistic wellness practices that will reset and revitalize your health as a woman that is empowered and loving herself unconditionally.


I provide you with the tools to create the energetic space to have a balanced life both within yourself and in your relationships.

Personal Growth

I will guide closer towards self-advocacy, self-awareness, and self-exploration for long-term growth and fulfillment. 

Start Your Journey to Live Well Today

Live Well By Design

6-Month Program

This 1:1 coaching program is intensive and intimate. And most importantly it yields results. 

In six months you will confidently and unapologetically…

  • Create more freedom in your schedule to live life on your terms

  • Feel revitalized by releasing what was draining you 

  • Pour more intentional energy into what fulfills you 

  • Develop deep awareness around what your mind, body, and soul needs best 

  • Find joy in consistent healthy habits and holistic wellness practices 

  • Embody a mindset of high self-worth 


The Live Well By Design Experience is a journey rooted in uncovering the lifestyle design that is going to truly activate you for success AND fulfillment that is unique to you.


Have I piqued your interest? Click HERE for more information.  

Holistic Health Intensive

90-Day Program

This 1-on-1 coaching program is for the individual who wants highly individualized support and accountability to create a significant and sustained change in their wellness. This program consists of weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, is designed to help you:​

  • Uncover your healthiest mind, body, and spirit within.

  • Have abundant energy to do more, better.

  • Know intuitively what you need to feel your best and perform at a high level.

  • Feel empowered to mitigate stress and reclaim peace of mind.


My practical approach will help you form new habits that are realistic for your lifestyle and that achieve actual results.​

Book a complimentary 30-minute consult with me to explore if this program is right for you.


Digital Courses & Workshops

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“I started working with Erinne to learn tools to help me set boundaries for myself and to learn how to identify my needs and feel comfortable putting myself first. Over the course of 12 weeks we talked about everything—sleep, exercise, spirituality, joy, my childhood, family connections, strength of my relationships, work, and so much more—I was really impressed by how comprehensive and holistic Erinne’s approach was to helping me both address my initial issue and towards building a more fulfilled life overall. Every week she challenged me to be more curious, to actively seek joy and inspiration, and most powerfully, to tune into my body more to notice what I need moment-by-moment and be empowered to give that to myself. I am now way more thoughtful and in-tune to my body and my needs and fiercely unapologetic about practicing self-care and setting boundaries for myself.”

— Crys

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Erinne Brown is a certified Health and Life Coach based in Chicago

who specializes in holistic well-being coaching for high performing women.