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Certified Wellness Coach

I started my wellness journey as an over-achieving, do-it-all, who struggled with stress, fatigue, burnout and inconsistent physical health. I thought that taking time to take care of myself would get in the way of my ambitious goals and personal commitments. Through my journey I discovered that I actually accomplished more, better, and was way happier along the way, when I listened and responded to the needs of my body and heart.


Now I empower women to step into a new normal of abundant health and vitality by unapologetically claiming time and space to care for their needs. My clients come to experience that their best life is truly possible when they feel great in their body, mind and spirit.

This type of change can feel uncomfortable and may seem unrealistic (trust me, I've been there!). So In addition to providing guidance that is actionable and practical, I help my clients overcome their mindsets to make change sustainable. If you are ready to get unstuck and reclaim the wellbeing you deserve, I’d love to hear from you! 


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“When I started working with Erinne, I was feeling a lot of stress and lack of energy. Erinne helped me create a self-care practice to release stress and maintain a positive outlook. I began investing time in activities that gave me joy and relaxed me. And rather than stressing out about life circumstances outside of my control, I shifted my focus to what I can do to feel empowered. As an added bonus, the relaxing breathing exercises she gave me relieved my digestive stress!”

— Kate


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